Autumn Term

September 2016.

Hello and welcome to a new school year. What an exciting time we have been having already since coming back to school. We have celebrated the school’s 50th birthday which was a fantastic experience for everyone involved. We are now looking forward to the different topics that are going on in class.


This term we are building up our understanding of story writing and will be writing our own stories based upon familiar stories that we have read in class. These will include Horrid Henry, Fables, and How to Train Your Dragon. As well as story writing we will be looking at non-fiction texts and poetry.


We will be continuing with our daily counting, which will involve us practicing our times tables that we will be tested on that week, and our weekly problem solving lesson. We will also be developing our knowledge of calculations, number, Roman Numerals, measures, statistics, geometry, fractions and decimals. We will also be completing a weekly mental maths test.


We are going to be exploring and discussing the topics The Bible and Trust in God this term. We will be doing this through The Way, The Truth and The Life. We will also be experiencing World Faith Week.


This term our topic is Anglo Saxons. We are going to be learning what it was like to live in the Anglo Saxon period, what their lives were like and explore what they did for a living. We will be using our research skills to find facts about the Anglo Saxons and present these in different ways.


We are looking at Anglo Saxon artifacts and will be creating our own pottery based on those that were used in the Anglo Saxon period. We will be looking at pictures of these pots and sketching them into our art books and then creating them using clay. We will have to select our tools carefully to make sure that our pots are similar to those that the Anglo Saxons used.


We are looking at States of Matter – solids, liquids and gases. We are going to be learning about the properties of these states and how the particles work in each of them. We will be taking part in a variety of experiments this term where we will have to use our predictive and conclusive skills.


We are learning about UK Mapping Skills. We will be looking at which countries make up the United Kingdom and where this is on a world map. We will be using our navigational skills to explore different parts of the United Kingdom including the capital cities and famous landmarks. We will also be using the Bee-Bots to help us with our directional skills.

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