Summer Term

Welcome back to Summer Term. Hope you had a lovely break. I can’t believe that we are into our final term for this year already! We are ready for another busy term so here is what we are going to be covering…


In Maths we are going to be continuing to follow the Maths No Problem! scheme of work, which enables the children to explore different mathematical topics through problem solving and using a hands on approach. This term we will be looking at Money, Mass, Area, Volume and Length, Area of Figures, Geometry, Position and Movement and also Roman Numerals.


In English we are using our History topic on The First Railways as a focus to enable us to write and perform a play and create story settings using the story The Railway Children, write a discussion and explanation text using information about Railways and explore poetry using From A Railway Carriage.


Our topic for this term is The First Railways. We are going to be focusing on a local history for this topic by gathering information and photographs of our local area and the past and present railway links that we have. We will be looking at the old railway lines through Godley and also along the Longdendale Trail and finding out what happened to these lines and why.


In Science we are learning about States of Matter. We will be sorting materials into their correct states – solid, liquid or gas – and discussing the way in which the particles move and form for each of these. We will be planning and completing some experiments to show how materials can change their state through heating and freezing.


Our Geography topic this term is looking at Human and Physical Features so we are taking the topic along the lines of Extreme Earth where we will be looking at tornados, tsunamis, earthquakes and much, much more.


This term we will be looking at the work of Pablo Picasso and creating our own pieces of work inspired by the painter. We will also be creating our own fact books based on our History Topic of The First Railways.


Our focus for RE this term will be The Early Christians and The Church. We will continue to follow The Way, The Truth and The Life for this subject.


This term we will be completing a crash course on Coding and Spreadsheets using Purple Mash. This will give the children an understanding of these units for their future learning. The children will be completing different tasks around coding where they will create and manage their own codes. They will also be learning how to create their own spreadsheet and input different information.


PE will continue on a Tuesday afternoon with Terri. Please make sure that your child has the correct PE kit including pumps in school.


Music will continue on a Friday afternoon with Mr Conway. Please make sure that your child brings their instrument into school on a Friday.