Health Matters Letter 3 Easter Holidays

Dear Parents,

Thank you to everyone for pulling together as a real community this last fortnight (has it really only been 2 weeks?). It has been wonderful to see all the fantastic things that people have been up to.

I am really grateful to, and for, my amazing staff, who have worked tirelessly to provide work in packs and online and been so accessible at all times whilst also coming into school on a rota to maintain the smooth running of school and to provide cover for our key worker’s children. (Key workers, we are also extremely proud of you too).

I am proposing that our “virtual” school takes a “virtual” Easter holiday from tomorrow for two weeks. I would like you to put the packs and the purple mash aside and do some of the nice, fun activities that have been suggested (within the social distancing guidelines of course).

I have also instructed my staff to take a break too so they won’t be as available to contact or to comment for the next 2 weeks (from 3.30pm on Friday 3rd April) so they can have some time with their families in their own homes. They will be still coming into school to cover when they are on the rota. If you feel that you need help, then phone school and the staff on duty will try and help. “Normal” service will return on Monday 20th April.

We have also been pursuing the National Voucher scheme for those on Free School meals and this also comes into play after the Easter Holidays.

Please make sure that you regularly check out the school website, information is being added on a daily basis under the Health Matters pencil, with lots of useful websites and help and support.

Enjoy your break,