Autumn Term

In the first term in Nursery we are learning to make friends, follow routines, use equipment in the Nursery and on the playground. We encourage the children to try new activities and practice new skills. These activities include negotiating space safely and successfully by using and improving their gross motor skills whether this is on a bike, in a car, walking, running or climbing; using tools to manipulate malleable materials, pour water and sand; constructing; using and improving fine motor skills by drawing, writing, cutting and painting; using number knowledge in the maths area and using shape, space and measures in a number of activities set out such as jigsaw puzzles; exploring books, listening and making sounds and learning songs and rhymes.


The first topic for the first term is ‘AllĀ AboutĀ Me.’ The children will explore their body parts and think about feelings. They will also look at families, looking at similarities and differences.