Autumn Term



We have an amazing week getting to know each other. The children have been fantastic and have settled into school life beautifully.

Well done everyone we are very proud of you.

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We looked at our mission statement during collective worship. We know that each day we are going to try and follow Jesus.

We listened to music and thought about how special Jesus is. We placed our footprints on our prayer focus.

“Jesus looks after us” Lyla

“Jesus looks after our planet” Poppy

“He is kind to us” Caragh

“I love Jesus” Blake

“He is special” Riley

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We are really settling in to school life, we know know the areas in which we can play within the classroom and the outside environment.

We are loving our pirate topic, this week we learnt how to role play and share the pirate resources. Next week we are going to be searching for pirate treasure


Oh no a very strange pirate came to school today. He made us all walk the plank. We used our balancing skills to try and stay on the plank and not to fall into the sea.

IMG_2930 IMG_2931 IMG_2933 IMG_2934 IMG_2947 IMG_2948 IMG_2949 IMG_2950 IMG_2952 IMG_2953

Another fum week of pirate fun,  we are following the I cans around the classroom and are beginning to talk about our learning.

IMG_3012 IMG_3013 IMG_3014 IMG_3015 IMG_3016

We know that October is the month of the rosary.

We made some special items for Our Lady’s prayer table.


Busy busy pirates.


What a fantastic time we had on Monday at our first ever little bikers session.

The rain did not bother us at all and we were whizzing round the playground before you could say little bikers!!!

We are looking forward to next Monday please remember to send gloves and a coat so we can stay warm.


We have set up a cutting station in our class as we noticed that the  children needed to develop their fine motor skills,  we have been able to cut up a variety of materials and our busy fingers are getting stronger each day.


We had a parcel delivered to Reception yesterday we got a curiosity box, we are not allowed to touch just to look with our eyes. We worked with our talk partners to try and work out what was in it and why.

We decided that we had been sent a special glue stick so we could create wonderful models.


Enjoying our last week of learning about pirates, we are going to miss all our pirate learning.

IMG_3157 (1)IMG_3152 (1)

More photos to follow. For our homework we made pirate ships, we brought them into school and had to decide if we thought they would float or sink. Thank you to all those who made fabulous pirate ships with your children.


Look at us we are now beginning to lead our own learning during our daily phonics sessions.

IMG_3105 (1)IMG_3104 (1)IMG_3108 (1)IMG_3107IMG_3106IMG_3109IMG_3110 (1)

Some of our wonderful pirate displays the children worked really hard to produce this amazing work.


After half term our new topic is Celebrations we will begin our topic by learning about bonfire night.



We celebrated All Saints day we made a medal to say what we do each day which helps us to try and be a saint and to become closer to God.

We placed all our saint medals on a prayer focus and we said thank you to God for all our saints in heaven and on earth.


Our role play area is a party. We made a list of all the things that we could do in the party role play area.

We are really developing our phonics and our writing by making lists and invitations.


We have got our new half term off to a busy start.


We know that we must remember all the people who have died in all the wars. We have been independently making our own poppy’s to make a remembrance garden  to bring with us to our very special school service on Monday.


Little bikers continues each week and out confidence is soaring.

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What a busy Monday!

We made a poppy garden in continuous provision and we brought it to the hall for a very special prayer service for the whole school. We listened to Mrs Kinder play the last post and then we had a minutes silence to remember all those who have died in wars.

We also learnt about Diwali and we listened to the story of Rama and Sita, we are looking at the very special Hindu celebration of light.


What a fabulous day we had celebrating Children in Need. We were very happy that we got to have fun and help other children who live in our country.

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Another busy week in Reception.

This week we have learnt about the special Jewish festival called Hannuka.

We made our own Menorahs using play dough and our hand prints.

We got the glitter out to decorate our Stars of David.


We love taking our learning outside.


IMG_3352 IMG_3353 IMG_3354 IMG_3355 IMG_3356 IMG_3357 IMG_3359 IMG_3367 IMG_3368 IMG_3369 IMG_3370 IMG_3371 IMG_3372 IMG_3373 IMG_3374 IMG_3375 IMG_3376 IMG_3377 IMG_3378 IMG_3379 IMG_3380 IMG_3381 IMG_3382 IMG_3383 IMG_3384

We made crowns and celebrated the special feast of Christ the King.

We have been doing lots of independent writing and mark making this week we are even able to play our phonics games on our own too.

Nursery & Reception – God’s Family

Creation is the first and universal revelation of God’s love … Each human person

 is made in God’s image …

Religious Education Curriculum Directory

This half term, the children in the Nursery and the Reception classes will be learning about God’s Family. Throughout the topic, the children will be given opportunities to become aware that God made all the people in the world to be part of his family and that we are part of it too.

They will learn that God made us to know and love him, as well as to show our love for him by helping one another. They will find out that God has given us gifts so that we can show his love to others.

At home as Christmas approaches, they will learn that God’s greatest gift to us was to send his only son Jesus and learn how to respond to that gift.

You could help your children by:

  • reminding them that Christmas is about the gift of Jesus to us and not just about receiving presents.
  • talk about your family and draw pictures of Jesus being part of your family
  • take them to see baby Jesus at church during the Christmas season.

IMG_3385 IMG_3386 IMG_3387 IMG_3388 IMG_3389 IMG_3390 IMG_3391 IMG_3392 IMG_3393 IMG_3394 IMG_3395

Look at our beautiful angels. We know that the Angel Gabriel had an important role in the Christmas story. He asked Mary if she wanted to be the mother of Jesus and Mary said yes.


IMG_3405 IMG_3406 IMG_3407 IMG_3408 IMG_3409 IMG_3410 IMG_3411 IMG_3412 IMG_3413 IMG_3414 IMG_3415 IMG_3416 IMG_3417 IMG_3418 IMG_3419 IMG_3420

We had a fab time at the pantomime.

“Oh no you didn’t”

“Oh yes we did”

We were so grown up and well behaved. We are a credit to our school.

IMG_3396 (1) IMG_3397 (1) IMG_3397

We had a mysterious parcel arrive all the way from the North Pole it was very cold.

We passed it around and tried to think of what could be in it, we thought it could be a snowflake, a penguin, an icicle, an ice cream. Each child had a guess but we got a surprise when we opened it it was an elf all the way from the North Pole called Cheeky Bells.


We found Cheeky Bells this morning reading a book in our new library.

IMG_3423 IMG_3424 IMG_3425 IMG_3428 IMG_3429 IMG_3430 IMG_3431 IMG_3432 IMG_3433 IMG_3434 IMG_3435 IMG_3436

We are learning about the true meaning of Christmas.

IMG_3435 IMG_3436 IMG_3451 IMG_3452 IMG_3453 IMG_3454 IMG_3455 IMG_3456 IMG_3457 IMG_3458 IMG_3459 IMG_3460 IMG_3461 IMG_3462 IMG_3463

Oh look the nativity came to life today in Reception.


Cheeky Bells turned our milk green today with magic elf dust, even a friendly cat enjoyed the elf milk.

IMG_3495 IMG_3496 IMG_3497 IMG_3498 IMG_3499 IMG_3500 IMG_3501

Hey Ewe our Christmas Nativity

I have to say I am super proud of all our Early Years children, they were all absolutely amazing today and sang and acted their little hearts out

I am sure the elf will reward them in the morning


IMG_3514 IMG_3515 IMG_3516 IMG_3517 IMG_3518

What a wonderful Christmas dinner we had, it was yummy.

IMG_3522  IMG_3525 IMG_3526 IMG_3527 IMG_3528 IMG_3529 IMG_3530 IMG_3531 IMG_3532 IMG_3533 IMG_3534 IMG_3535

We had a fab Christmas Party we all need to be on Strictly Come Dancing.


We had a very special visitor.

It was wonderful to see so many parents attending our Christmas Crafts, the children and the staff really enjoyed  your company.

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