Autumn Term

20th October 2017

A wonderful start to the new school year.

All the children have settled into Reception and are on their way to becoming independent learners. They  are ready to learn at carpet time and  are being good friends to each other.  They are deciding to have their snack (milk and fruit) when they are hungry and are very grown up at lunchtime, choosing their meal and carrying  their tray to the table.


Teacher Ted’s Birthday

Teachers Ted’s birthday was a shape themed party.

IMG_0046[1]        IMG_0030[1]

For Teacher Ted’s birthday all the children in Reception brought in their favourite teddy.

  IMG_0036[1] IMG_0037[1] IMG_0039[1] IMG_0041[1]

At the party, Reception looked at the different shapes of the party food and told their teddies what shaped food they were eating.

     IMG_0052[1] IMG_0051[1] IMG_0053[1]

The children then put on their shape hats and helped Teacher Ted to unwrap his presents.

IMG_0060[1] IMG_0061[1] IMG_0063[1]

To finish off the party the children played some party games, sang some songs and had a dance with their teddies.

6th November 2017

To celebrate bonfire night we had our very own bonfire party.

First we learnt about why we celebrate bonfire night. We learnt about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.

IMG_0115[1]   IMG_0119[1]   IMG_0122[1]

We made firework pictures to put up around the classroom as decorations for the party.

IMG_0120[1]   IMG_0116[1]   IMG_0150[1]

We then made a bonfire in the middle of the classroom and sang bonfire songs.

IMG_0144[1]   IMG_0138[1]

We made rockets using 3D shapes.

IMG_0117[1]   IMG_0132[1]

We made edible and non-edible sparklers. Before we ate the sparklers we drew some shapes in the air.