Autumn Term

Autumn Term
This term we have been shared reading ‘Meerkat Mail’ and we have read lots of information texts about Meerkats and Jackals. We have enjoyed writing letters, lists and instructions and used verbs, adverbs, adjectives and connectives to make our sentences longer and more interesting. We have also used question marks and commas in our sentences too.

We are still working hard and using Maths No problem and we are teaching Miss Birtles a thing or two about Maths for Mastery. We have been adding, subtracting and multiplying using various methods such as grouping, number lines, column method and times tables. We really are becoming maths wizards.

Religious Education
The first two topics we have covered this term are ‘Chosen People’ and ‘Miracles’. We have read the stories of Abraham, Daniel and Moses and we have even done some drama too and performed the story of Moses infront of our friends. We have enjoyed finding about the special talents chosen for us by God and we have talked about them in reflection time and thanked God for our wonderful gifts.

This term we have used timelines to order historical events in chronological order. We have also learnt more about the Gun Powder Plot and Remembrance

We have enjoyed learning more about The UK and the four countries that make it. We have also used atlasses to place the capital cities and surrounding seas. We have also used and completed maps in Forest schools.

Design and Technology
This term we have followed designs to make Poppies and geo boards during Forest Schools. We have also researched and designed our own forest school Christmas tree and then worked together to turn our design into reality. We have recently began researching christmas tree decorations in class so we can design a Christmas decoration that is suitable for young children.

We are very proud of ourselves as we can all now log onto the computers independently and choose the correct programme. We are able to use the keypad to write simple sentences and are beginning to use the capital letters and full stop keys.

Forget schools
We have been so lucky that we are one of the first classes to take part in forest school this year. We have learnt about the different trees that grow in our own community and their uses. Did you know that you can even make coffee from acorns? We have also made Poppies, geo boards, fishing rods, bow and arrows, fire, tents and even the odd mud cocktail for Miss Birtles and Mrs Malone. What great fun we have had.

Take a look at some of the exciting things we have done so far….

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