Autumn Term



Today we had a wonderful Geography and DT day preparing and cooking National foods from around the UK!  We have been learning about the countries, capital cities, seas and flags of the UK in our Geography topic and today we learnt about some traditional foods.  Working towards our Cooking and Nutrition objectives we learnt to prepare and cook a variety of new dishes.  We demonstrated excellent skills and team work to create Welsh cakes, English stew and dumplings, Scottish haggis, neeps and tatties, and Irish soda bread.  We had great fun, and really enjoyed sharing our buffet with lots of different members of staff!  Everything got eaten so we think we did a good job!

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In English we are enjoying learning new skills through our text, Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett and in Maths we are loving learning maths the Singapore way!  We had a great day on 4th October, No Pens Wednesday, and instead learnt through drama, speaking and listening, art and games.

Lots of our learning this term has been out in Forest Schools.  We have had great fun with Andy and Miss Rothwell playing team games, working with a partner on our communication skills guiding each other through the nightline, learning to light fires, practising different types of knots and lashings, making dens and shelters, making homes in the fairy village, playing in the mud kitchen, making natural signs for the different areas and exploring our environment – we even found fairies, dragons and Woodies!  We have also made pancakes outside on the fire!  It has been a great opportunity to develop our learning skills of being resilient, resourceful and reciprocal. We are excited for the next half term of forest school sessions!

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