Autumn Term

 Art and Design

In our art lessons, we have been looking at the works of Peter Max and Andy Warhol. We have focused primarily on the Pop Art movement. We have created our own Pop Art self portraits.

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Just a reminder of a few things:



Topic homework -creative

As our topic this term is World War Two, we asked the children to complete their own independent study and produce a piece of work based on the war.


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Spellings uploaded onto spelling shed (those without internet access will be given a paper copy)

One piece of maths from maths booklet each week


Reading at least 10 minutes per night

Times tables at least 10 minutes per night

Spelling practice at least 10 minutes per night

We cannot stress enough how important this is, even for competent readers, as it helps to build reading stamina. Spelling practice is equally important as in the SATs tests, spelling related questions are equivalent to around 25 marks.


On Tuesday afternoons we have PE, please make sure you bring your FULL kit.


On Friday afternoons, we have music. Please ensure you remember your instrument every week and all instruments must be taken home each Friday.