Spring Term

During this term we will be learning about spring and growth.

We are looking at all the different baby animals we find around spring time, some life cycles and which animals some of our food comes from and how we grow foods such as fruits and vegetables to help us to grow, plants and flowers and their life cycles.

We have a farm shop in our role play area where the children can buy produce generally found in farm shops. There is opportunity to write a shopping list and lots of maths as the shop keeper counts how many items their friend has bought before asking for that amount of money (each item is 1p to buy) to which the customer must give the correct amount of money using 1p coins. The children are encouraged to speak to each other in their roles e.g. shop keeper “hello, how may I help you”.

We are also looking at aspects of spring, plants and growth in our class library books. We also have a Jack and the beanstalk focus outside. There is Jack’s house role play area along with challenges such as climbing as high as the beanstalk on the climbing frame and planting opportunities!