Spring Term

Our topic this term is ANIMALS

Mrs Malone brought her pet Guinea Pig Noddy into Reception. some of the children were brave enough to stroke, hold or feed him. Click below to see more pictures

A Visit from Vicky the Veterinary Nurse

Vicky came in to talk to us about caring and looking after animals. The children listened very carefully and asked lots of questions. Vicky spent time in our vet role play area showing the children how to use  the equipment and be a ‘real vet.’

Reception Mass

Well done to all the reception children for leading our class mass so beautifully. The children spoke with exceptionally loud voices and behaved very respectfully in church. I was very proud of all of the children.

Chinese New Year

Thank you to Mrs Malone for setting up some wonderful Chinese New Year activities for the children. It looks like the children had great fun celebrating the Year of the Monkey by copying Chinese writing, dressing up and tasting noodles, prawn crackers and hoi sin sauce. Take a look at the pictures I’m sure you will agree it looked like a very enjoyable day.

 Fire Engine Fun

It was a real surprise to see a fire engine in the school car park. Whilst the firemen were speaking to the year 6 children about fire safety the Reception children were able to sit inside the fire engine and take a look at the equipment stored around the vehicle. All the children got to hold the hose and squirt water. It was lovely to see the children so interested and excited.

Can you see your child squirting the water?