Spring Term

It’s been a busy start to the spring term in class 1!

We are continuing with our daily phonics and guided reading and are making fantastic progress in our reading. We have also begun weekly spellings and so far doing an excellent job! We are also making good progress in our ‘Maths No Problem!’, having looked at positions and now place value, addition and subtraction in numbers to 20. In R.E. we will be learning about Our Church Family, and our new topic is Explorers, comparing significant figures from the past – Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus – and using atlases and globes to learn the continents and seas of the world. We will continue to look at the changes in the seasons in Science now we have moved into winter, and later in the term we will look at plants. In art we are studying Piet Mondrian, and will replicate his abstract style using collage, ICT and paint. In PSHE we are looking at our rights and responsibilities. An exciting term!


Today was the perfect opportunity to continue our Geography and Science work observing the weather and changes of each season, and identifying deciduous and evergreen trees. We wrapped up warm to enjoy photographing the signs of winter! Back in class we described what we could see, hear, taste, smell and feel using adjectives!


IMG_0407 IMG_0572 IMG_0582 IMG_0596 IMG_0664 IMG_0682 IMG_0779 IMG_0801 DSCF3222


Today the aliens left us a letter – they saw our ‘Found!’ posters in the window! Our new friend Ziggy said we could keep the things they left in our classroom and so we decided to start a Great Explorers topic and build a rocket to use them in! We enjoyed exploring the slime, flying the rocket, reading alien and explorer books, making our own Aliens Love Underpants playdough aliens and reading the story again. In English we wrote letters back asking Ziggy lots of questions.

DSCF3207 DSCF3210 DSCF3211 DSCF3212 DSCF3215 DSCF3216 DSCF3217 DSCF3218



Today aliens broke into our classroom! We took photographic evidence of what they left and through our investigation discovered they were looking for our underpants! We read the book they left, Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort, and decided to make ‘Found!’ posters full of adjectives to try and contact the aliens. We will wait and see what happens…hopefully they will write back!

evidence 1


To complete our Me and My Home topic we went back in time in our time machines to find a kitchen, bedroom and laundry room from the past in our classroom! We worked in groups to look at and describe the artefacts from each room and thought of questions we would like to ask about each one. Then as a group we tried to answer as many as we could in order to learn about the past from the artefacts. After, we wrote information texts about what we had found out. Some super historical enquiry!

InkedDSCF3174_LI       DSCF3173         DSCF3172