Spring Term


Prompted by a child asking if they could bring in and share their Bible with the class, we had a special Show and Tell.  Children brought in items that were special to them and their families to do with their religion.  They all had chance to share their items and we asked questions to find out why they were  special.  We then thought about how Jesus is with our families when we look at and use the items, and talked about other ways Jesus can be with us, through prayer and good deeds, for example.  The children thought about when they felt Jesus was with them, and recorded their thoughts, before sharing them in reflective worship.

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Last Friday the children had a well earned trip to Eureka!     After our coach ride we went straight into the Destination Space workshop.  This added extra information and practical demonstrations to what we knew so far from our history about great explorers from the past – the astronauts who have explored space.  Particular highlights were learning how waste is disposed of and recycled in space, by drinking filtered ‘wee’ and vacuuming up ‘poo’ balloons!  After this we really enjoyed exploring the Living and Working Together areas and reinforcing our science topic All About Me by learning hands on all about our bodies.
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Back at school we wrote some fantastic recounts all about our day.
24.2.17  What a start to the new term we have had in Class 1!  Mrs Kidd left a window open and aliens broke in!  Here are the evidence photos we took of what they left:
IMG_0017 IMG_0027 IMG_0028 IMG_0029 IMG_0035 IMG_0044 IMG_0047 IMG_0191 IMG_0204 IMG_0208
After looking at all the clues, and reading the book they left behind, we worked out that they had broken in for our underpants!  We have done lots of writing since, using adjectives to make lost and found posters, question marks to write letters to our new alien friend Ziggy, and finding rhyming words in his story, Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort.  Look how excited we are when a letter arrives from Ziggy:
We have had lots of Aliens Love Underpants fun too:
PTDC0470 PTDC0469 PTDC0467 PTDC0465 PTDC0464 PTDC0463 PTDC0462
We decided we would like to be space explorers to find out more, and have used this to kick start our new topic, Great Explorers.  We have learnt that space explorers are called astronauts, and because they travel in space shuttles we have made one in class.  We have also begun to learn about Tim Peake who travelled to the International Space Station last year!  We have learnt about the famous astronaut who travelled to the moon, Neil Armstrong, and will be comparing him to explorers further in the past who explored our earth.
We will of course be doing daily maths and phonics activities, watch this space for more updates!
We started the term with a week looking at homes in the past.  We learnt so much about houses were different in the past from our loan box from Portland Basin:
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