Spring Term


Today we had a fantastic trip to Quarry Bank Mill to support our History topic of The Victorians and the Industrial Revolution, and our letter writing in English. George the chimney sweep had asked us to see if working in a mill would be a better job for him and the children asked so many fantastic questions to find out for him! A superb, action packed day!

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After discussing Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Lent and Easter we made our own pancakes.  We read the recipe in pairs, talked about what we were going to do and then got on with it on our own!  We measured weight using the scales, volume using the measuring jug, followed a recipe and showed excellent team work and reciprocal learning skills.  Every group managed to make a batch of delicious pancakes, well done! After we made Lenten promises.

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This week is Children’s Mental Health Week.  We have learnt about being ‘Healthy: Inside and Out’. The children did a Show and Tell sharing the ways they keep their minds happy and healthy, thinking about how healthy food, exercise and getting a good night’s sleep, all help our wellbeing. Feel free to try some of their good ideas!


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This term we are enjoying being historians learning about events beyond living memory and those that are significant to our local area.  We really enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London through poetry and we are now studying what life was like for children during Victorian times.  To kick start this new topic we became archaeologists, carefully digging up objects to help us learn more about life between 1837 and 1901.

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We studied and wrote our own brilliant acrostic poems about the Great Fire of London, and now we are studying a non-chronological report about schools in Victorian times in English so that we can write our own. Next half term we will be visiting Quarry Bank Mill to learn more about how children worked during the Industrial Revolution.

In Maths we are really enjoying learning using the Singapore Maths methods and it is having great results!  We are getting really good at exploring problems and working collaboratively.  At the moment we are learning about Money, and will soon be moving on to 2D shapes, their properties, using them in patterns and moving and turning them.

What a lovely Mass planned and led by the Year 2 children.  They chose excellent words and songs based on the theme of ‘Saying Thank You to God’, and we even sang the Bidding Prayers!

In RE we have been looking at The Good News, creating a lovely display about saying thank you after learning about the ten lepers, and the children planned a lovely Reflective Worship to think about how we can spread the Good News too.

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