Spring Term

Our Topic This Term our Topic is ‘The Victorians’


This term we have enjoyed reading some Non-Chronological reports on School in the Victorian Times.  We looked at the different features of a Non-Chronological report and used our own research to plan and then write our own reports.

We also enjoyed writing our own Instructions on how to make some tasty pancakes after we made our own.  We used adverbs and adjectives to make our instructions more interesting and are using conjunctions to extend our sentences.


This term we have been multiplying and dividing by 2,5 and 10.  We can now use different methods to solve a multiplication and division problem and we can even use our times tables to solve them mentally.  We have also started to solve word problems by highlighting the operation we need to use and then using suitable methods to solve them and check them.


We have been really enjoying researching the Victorians and Queen Victoria herself. We now know lots about schooling in The Victorian times and how different it was from school today.   We have also been using timelines to order events in Chronological order.


This term we have finished off ‘Miracles’ in which we remembered the birth of Jesus and then the Epiphany and then we looked at ‘The Mass’ and found out more about The Eucharist.  We read about The Last Supper and how Jesus blessed the bread and wine for his Disciples and we did some work about this.

Then we began ‘Eastertide’ and had discussed Lent and found out more about the time Jesus spent in the desert.  We all discussed what we could do during Lent and some of us gave up something we enjoyed during this time and some of us decided to start doing new things to help others.


This term we have been learning about keeping healthy.  We have learnt a lot about how germs can spread and have practiced washing our hands properly and discussed how important it is to keep our bodies clean.  We have also looked at how eating certain foods can keep the inside of our bodies healthy and it can even help keep our brains healthy so we can learn lots of new things.