Summer Term

Summer Term

The summer term has had an exciting start with Jack and the Giant leaving us messages and some strange looking beans.  We debated whether to plant them, and in the end we did, resulting in a huge beanstalk growing in our classroom!  We are learning the story of Jack and The Beanstalk and are using it to learn about different punctuation and the conjunctions ‘and’ and ‘because’.  These events also inspired us to plant some other types of seeds and we are currently looking after peas, carrots, lettuces, runner beans, broad beans and wild flowers.  We have also learnt about the parts of a plant and plant life cycles.


What a fantastic trip to Chester Zoo!  The children really enjoyed looking at all of the different animals and it was a wonderful end of year treat, and a chance to consolidate all of our learning about animal classification.  I heard lots of people debating whether certain animals were omnivores or carnivores!  I was also very impressed with how many children were reading the information signs and sharing what they had learnt with others, brilliant!

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Mr Marshall came in to give us a taster of the sport fencing as part of National Sports Week.  We really enjoyed it and some of us were really good!



Today we had a Maths problem solving WOW day.  First we talked about properties of shape, and we even started to investigate right angles!  Then we worked in twos or threes to use a variety of 2D shapes to make a picture.  Some were quite tricky but we did a great job of working together!