Summer Term

We have lots to look forward to in our final term. Here is a brief outline of what children will be learning. 


Children will be reading and writing stories from imaginary worlds and adventure stories. Our class reader is the wonderful ‘The Iron Man’. Later on in the term, children will be writing a recount based on their visit to Chester.


The focus for this term is fractions, angles, lines and shapes, perimeter of figures. 


Our topics this term are: plants and animals including humans.


Children will be learning about different countries and cities around the world. 


This term, children will be learning about the Romans. 

Design & Technology

We will be making sandwich snacks. This will include a visit to Tesco, where children will carry out some research. Children will also complete a product analysis of different types of bread. 

Art & Design

Our theme is ‘Can we change places?’ Children will be studying sculpture from around the world. Also they will be making their own Roman mosaics, linked to their history topic.


Children will become vloggers! They will use powerpoint to present a topic to others.

Religious Education

We will be celebrating Easter and Pentecost. Also children will be learning more about what is means to be a Christian. 


Our unit for this term is en famille (my family).


Children will need their PE kits, including black pumps, every Tuesday. We will not be giving out spare kit this year and so failure to have the correct kit, will mean children miss their session. This term children will be:

  • dancing with a partner
  • rounders
  • cricket


Music is every Friday with Mr Conway from Tameside Music Service. In Class 3, children will continue to learn how to play a brass instrument.


As well as practising their times tables, spellings and reading, children will be given a project to complete each half term.