This term, in English, we will be exploring children’s classic fiction, such as The Jungle Book.  We will also be writing diaries based on this classic fiction

In Maths we will be carrying on with our daily counting, oral counting and weekly problem solving.

The topic in Class 5 this term is Victorians, which we will be investigating through Geography, History,  and Art and Design.  We are planning some exciting trips to investigate changes in our local area since Victorian times.

We will, of course, be continuing to learn French, play brass instruments and enjoy various sports with our PE coach.

Class 5 at work

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Writing instructions

On Friday, 14th October, Class 5 travelled to Hyde to take part in the Safe Squad programme, where they learnt all about how to use the 999 number correctly, how to spot fire hazards, how to perform CPR and place a person into the recovery position, as well as learning all about how to keep safe online whilst using social media.


Over the Christmas holidays I would like children to have a think about ‘The Tudors’ ready to start our new History topic in January. They can think about : who was King Henry VIII, information about his six wives, what was Tudor life like and is there anything Tudors invented that we still use.
This isn’t a project, just questions to engage children and prepare them for our upcoming topic.