This term, in English, we have explored children’s classic fiction, such as The Jungle Book.  We will be looking at the author, Rudyard Kipling, and focusing on his use of animal dialogue.

The topic in Class 5 this term is Victorians, which we will be investigating through Geography, History,  and Art and Design.  We are planning some exciting trips to investigate changes in our local area since Victorian times.  This links to Local History and Manchester’s Cottonopolis.


On Wednesday, 29th November, we visited the Museum of Science and Industry, where we took part in some Victoria activities and also witnessed how the cotton weaving machines worked.

We will, of course, be continuing to learn French, play brass instruments and enjoy various sports with our PE coach.

During our Religious Education lessons, we have learnt about The Creation Story and Adam and Eve, which are in the first book of the Bible, Genesis.

In Science Class 5 will are learning about Space, and our place in the Solar System.  Children will be introduced to maps and map reading in our Geography lessons.

We travelled to Hyde to take part in the Safe Squad programme, where we learnt how to use the 999 number correctly, how to spot fire hazards, how to perform CPR and place a person into the recovery position, as well as learning all about how to keep safe online whilst using social media.