This term we are looking forwards to cooking savoury bread to link in with our topic on the Mayan civilisation.  The Mayans are the focus of a lot of different lessons because we are learning about the history of the Mayans in our History lessons, making containers in Design and Technology, researching where the Mayan civilisation was based during our Geography lessons and researching food production in Cooking and Nutrition.

In English we will be continuing with our Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation lessons alongside our lessons involving different genres.  We have different styles of poetry to look at, instructions to write and we will be writing in the style of an author – watch this space to find out which one!

In Maths daily counting and oral recall are an important part of our learning, as well as weekly problem solving activities.  We will continue our work on calculations, geometry and look forwards to expanding our knowledge of Roman Numerals and statistics.

Year 5 enjoyed the Mayan topic so much that they spent a long time creating some fantastic Mayan pottery and brought in carefully made board games for their homework.