Mission Statement

St James’ Catholic Primary School aims to provide a caring environment for all pupils and staff, where all are recognised as children of God. Christ is at the heart of our school community, where gospel values are promoted so that each individual has the opportunity to grow in faith, use their gifts and reach their full potential and become responsible, happy and confident members of society.

As educators we share with parents and the parish the responsibility for developing the whole child- socially, intellectually, spiritually and sacramentally.

We are a community of people working and praying together and striving to grow closer to God in every way.


” Together we are learning to follow Jesus”


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Together we looked at our Mission Statement. We talked about how wonderful Jesus was and how we need to try and follow in his footsteps and try and be like him each day.

We placed our own footprints on our prayer focus and told each other why we thought that Jesus was so special.